Chrome Extension Privacy Policy

This application does not collect nor store personally identifiable information about any individual user. This application uses persistent storage only to remember user preferences and that storage exists only on user's device and never leaves that device. All other applications data is kept in runtime memory only.

When application runs, it downloads images for specific URL user has selected and only after user has explicitly requested the application to do so. Once the application execution ends, all data and the generated zip file are lost once memory recycles. While not in use this extension does nothing.

This application may collect anonymized and aggregated usage data according to Google Analytics Terms of Service (TOS) to improve user experience and to identify key functionality. Again, this information does not identify individual users and follows GA TOS.

Minimum Permissions Disclaimer

In order to comply with the new requirements for Minimum Permission and updated User Data policy going into effect on 10/15/2019, the following list details each required permission and justification for their usage:

  • activeTab
    Extension analyzes active tab to determine what images to download
  • http://*/*   and   https://*/*
    Actual images are hosted over various domains. This permission is needed to enable CORS to fetch image data directly on user's device in javascript. The request is direct from user's device to server hosting the image (no proxies or other servers are being used). This permission is the minimal permission needed to accomplish this core extension functionality.
  • contextMenus
    This extension has no significant UI, therefore non-core extension features are accessible through the context menu
  • system.display
    used to create and open centered window when debugging
  • storage
    stores local user preferences (turn debugging on/off)

Last Modified: March 27, 2020